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Get Out the Vote

Everything you need to get the best candidates elected, FREE
  • SCRIPT for canvassers

  • Interactive, door-to-door map of conservative candidates for every neighborhood in the USA

  • Conservative rating system on candidates, backed by research

  • Local, comprehensive calendar of candidate meet and greets

  • Day-of reminders of candidate events in neighboring precincts

To get the SCRIPT and CONTACTS MAP   Set-up Video Tutorial & Canvassing Video Tutorial

  1. Print a map of your precinct (tutorial here) from to guide you as you drive around.  The Moms for America app shows you Republican contacts with no distinction for precinct.  It populates based on your immediate location. 

  2. Download the MFA Action app for Android or iPhone.

  3. After registering click on the >>> button in the upper left-hand side of the screen. 

  4. Click on the purple "Help Knock Doors" box​

  5. Click on the "Utah Primary GOTV" Campaign which is filtered by Republicans in Utah.

  6. Click on "Open Map"

  7. Click on one of the purple circles with a number on it.

  8. Click on the name of the person who pops up at the bottom of the screen.

  9. Refer to the script, answer the responses and click on "submit" if you want to put a check next to that person for all using the campaign in the app to see your results.

  10. You need to click on "Done for the Day" if you drive to a different location and want the addresses updated.

To see and share the Candidate Ratings and local Meet and Greet Notifications:

  1. Download the Amplify USA app for Android or iPhone.

  2. After logging in, set up your representatives.  The representatives selected determine the districts you will get notifications for on meet and greet events.

  3. Make sure you accept notifications so you can get the local meet and greet event notifications. Click on the calendar icon in the upper right of the "Act" tab to see the state calendar.

  4. Click on representatives with the blue "2024 elections" box underneath them to access candidates in that district.

  5. Click on the green "2024 Election Candidates" in the upper right hand corner to see candidates.

  6. Click on the candidates to see their Conservative-Liberal rating, coming in June 2024.

  7. Click on the rating to see the research used to determine the rating.  *iVoterGuide ratings are only available for contested races.  See iVoterGuide for more information.

2024 is a big election year and it’s more important than ever to vote educated. The question Utah wants to know is: “Are they really conservative?” Fortunately for Utah, we have ratings! Utah candidates who are in a contested federal or state race will have a rating in the Amplify USA mobile app by the end of May 2024. These liberal-conservative ratings by iVoterGuide are based on independent organizations’ scorecards, candidate endorsements, donations received, their questionnaire responses  and other information. To see candidate ratings, click on the green "2024 Election Candidates" button in the district representative's profile wherever there is a "2024 Election" box. With thorough  research we can vote educated!



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