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How to RESELECT your elected officials:  
      United States:
      Utah (great for school board information):

How district-targeted messaging works &
How to unsubscribe from push notifications: 

How to contact your reps about important issues: 

Amplify USA makes civic engagement easy because Amplify is all action, no chatter.  Our dashboard shows you your elected officials and how to contact them, along with calls to action from local groups that are targeted just to you, so you will only hear about the town hall with YOUR representative and the board meeting in YOUR school district.   


With Amplify you commit to taking action once a month.  Attend a meet and greet.  Reach out to your representatives to thank them, or ask them why they voted a certain way.  All your emails originate in your email so that representatives won’t discount them like they do those third party email services. This simple commitment to get involved and build relationships will help when elections roll around because you will know who represents you.  Then you can decide to re-elect them, help them with their campaign or find someone to fill their place.


As you become engaged in your community, don’t forget to share your experience with your friends and neighbors.  Tell them how easy and impactful civic engagement can be, and invite them to join you. Our consistent, respectful and informed civic engagement will truly demonstrate that in America, the power is with the people.

1. Know who your elected officials are.

2. Build relationships using Ken Ivory's 3 Ps:

3. Understand the Issues:
Access to custom ratings, resources and notifications by subscribing to locally informed groups.

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