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Civic Engagement

This calendar keeps people Utahns updated on opportunities to engage civically.  Colors identify event origin and show up best in the "week" view of the calendar, which is in the upper right hand corner. Click here to see the full calendar, 

Empowered Parents - Resources and classes for educating your family on pro-family and pro-American values, organized around holidays

Moms for America - Free, online classes to strengthen civic engagement and patriotism

Patriot Academy - Classes to strengthen civic engagement and patriotism

UT Legislature - Upcoming dates for legislators, such as the legislative session

Utah Grassroots Events - Utah events to increase learning and civic engagement

UT Republican Party - Events from the UTGOP calendar

Davis School Board Meetings

Click on the bottom right of the calendar below if you're interested in adding to your personal Google Calendar.  You can unclick it at anytime from your calendar to stop showing it.  Or, just click on individual events you're interested in and add them to your calendar. 

Amplify Utah

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