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2024 Elections

  Messaging for specific voting precincts. 

No chat feature.  No drama.  Just locally sourced information about candidates on your ballot sent by neighbors who have committed to civility and research.


Candidates can also use our dashboard-driven messaging to send information about Town Halls and Meet and Greets to their constituents. To receive precinct specific messages, please subscribe to "2024 Elections"  in the "Groups" tab in the Amplify USA mobile app.

Who can send messages?

1) Citizens:  We encourage precinct chairs, vice-chairs, state and county delegates and average concerned citizens to send messages to their personal precinct to share their research and invite neighbors to a cottage meeting to discuss the issues and candidates.  This service is free of charge for precinct members.  They must show proof of address and commit to civility, open discussion and respect for neighbors and candidates in order to post or host.

2) Candidates:  We encourage candidates to share their platforms, issues that concern them and opportunities to hear from or interact with them.  Candidates can purchase messages here.

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