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Org Channels


An "Org Channel" is a branded channel within the Amplify USA mobile app where individuals, groups or organizations can introduce themselves to the Amplify-USA community with their website, mission statement and other contact information.  From this channel they can send messages to all Amplify-USA members in whichever district they choose.  District-specific, action-focused messaging, enables Amplify-USA members to start showing up where and when it matters.  


For more information email  

How to Register

  1. Register at from a desktop, not a mobile device.*

  2. Add your organization

  3. Notify that you're awaiting approval.

  4. Once approved, your organization and notifications can show up in the Amplify USA app.

* You must be signed into the mobile app with your email and password, not with Apple or Gmail authentication.

How to Send a Notification

  1. Log into from a desktop, not a mobile device.

  2. Click on Notifications in the upper left

  3. Filter by state, level of government and select recipients. See this Utah Precinct list to determine districts.

  4. Title it with an action word

  5. Include details and links. If you want to add a link to an image, view this tutorial.

  6. Select whether you want to enable push notifications.

  7. Send

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