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Send district-targeted notices about performance and campaign events to the most civically engaged population, users of Amplify USA! 


Event notifications will appear on our state calendar, and in the ACT notifications tab of the Amplify USA mobile app.  Amplify users will receive reminder push notifications 4-12 hours before the event takes place. We target Amplify users in your voting district, or more narrowly for local events, if you're a statewide candidate or representative.


In the ACT tab of the mobile app, candidate notifications will appear as coming from the "Utah 2024 Elections" group, a generic group dedicated to alerting users of candidate events and information.  If you're a representative, notifications will appear as coming from the "Reports from Representatives" group, a generic group dedicated to posting and archiving any newsletters or events that representatives have.


Order now and lock in the pricing of our founding members sale where Amplify USA notifications are only $10/month for those who submit their events by sharing their Google calendar with 


Amplify State Portal

subscription for organizations

how-to video

The Amplify State Portal gives organizations the following benefits:


  • Dashboard-driven messaging.  Send messages to users throughout the state, or target constituents of specific representatives or precincts.

  • Ability to add local offices and candidates to the app

  • Amplify tools benefit novices to experts in civic engagement

    • Novices:  Shows representatives at federal, state and local levels​

    • Experts: Note-taking feature for professional follow-up

  • Ability to feature custom content in Amplify's monthly state emails

  • Access to Amplify's get-out-the-vote weekly coaching calls

  • Partner branding for Amplify's state-specific advertising

  • Advertise your events in the Amplify state calendar and map

  • Gain new members

  • Overcomes hurdles of current communication systems

    • Instagram:  only offers links in bio

    • Facebook:  algorithmic disorganization and shadow banning 

    • VoterVoice: no constituent-representative relationship building

    • Email:  Gets buried in spam and junk mail

    • Text threads:  participants can monopolize tone and focus

    • Telegram: need multiple groups for locally targeted messaging


The Amplify messaging portal allows organizations to post alerts in our dashboard-driven messaging system. The alerts are visible as push notifications and also in the "Act" section of the app for members who have subscribed to their organization. 


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